Reading goals 2021

2021 emblazoned on a yellow to orange gradient

What do you mean, ‘it’s March’? It’s been March for 365 days and counting, so just shut up and let me dream, all right? I’ve got to set some reading goals, so, heedless of the bounds of chronology, those goals will be set.

Autumn 2020 reading: swords, spaceships, spies, and sapphics

A collage of book covers

After a summer of careful distancing and doing not much beyond drinking cocktails in other people’s gardens, the weather turned, and then we plunged back into lockdown. Keeping up with UK politics is like watching a clown car crash. And just to add a little variety, I got made redundant from my day job. My […]

Summer 2020 reading: queens, bandits, goblins, and a galaxy far, far away

Lockdown summer reading

I got my reading bug back halfway through lockdown, just in time for summer. So instead of going out with my friends, I’ve been reading some standalone fantasy, a little bit of science fiction, and a whole lot of Star Wars.