Black Lives Matter


In case it wasn’t already clear, I stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors across the US, here in the UK, and all across the world. This huge movement has already begun to achieve change, with Minneapolis city council voting to dismantle their police department, many organisations cutting ties with the police, and even […]

Buy Britannia: Is Consumable Nationalism a Problem?

What do you think of when someone says ‘Britishness’? Cups of tea, perhaps. The infinite varieties of rain. Cricket in the park on a sunny afternoon. Tikka masala. Saturday football. The Church of England. Embarassment. ‘Jerusalem’. London fried chicken. No example of what one might consider a quintessentially British thing will ever speak to everybody’s experience of […]

Yes, All Women.

TRIGGER WARNING: extreme female-targeted violence, death, rape. In Isla Vista, California, this weekend, six people have been killed in another act of mass violence perpetrated by a young white male. The shooter, Elliot Rodger, who apparently took his own life after being cornered by police, left behind a 140-page online manifesto detailing his motives. He talked of taking […]