Short Fiction Reviews: January 2017

January Short Fiction 2017

I saw my first snowdrops of the year this week, on the day I turned 28. I’m fond of February, not only because it’s my birth month, but because it’s caught, suspended, between two seasons: it can be either the coldest month of winter, or it can be the prelude to spring. This year it […]

GlitterShip Winter 2017

GlitterShip Winter 2017

GlitterShip is a regular speculative fiction podcast focusing on LGBTQIA+ fiction run by Keffy R. M. Kehrli. I’ve been into it from the get-go, sitting as it does at the nexus of my intersecting interests in queer culture, SFF, and audio media. In 2017 GlitterShip launches a new format: a quarterly magazine containing the fiction, […]

Favourite Media of 2016

Best Media of 2016

It’s 2017 already, but it’s still dark outside most of the day, and fuck me if it isn’t bloody cold. In this bleak midwinter, I want to take some time to look back at the media I loved best in 2016. Since there’s way too much to choose from, I’ll be looking at my favourite short fiction […]

December’s Short Fiction Reviews

December Short Fiction

It’s January. I’m sitting on my sofa, swaddled in a blanket, fingers going white, watching the relentless news scroll by. I’m beginning to miss last year, when my news feed was only full of the deaths of beloved celebrities. This is my monthly collection of micro-reviews for all the short fiction, new and old, I […]

November’s Short Fiction Reviews

November Short Fiction

Late again, but I blame December. It’s always an intense month. Not to mention 2016’s last few kicks in the teeth. I would have integrated December’s list into this one for efficiency, but then we would have been here forever. Read on below the cut for my micro-reviews of the short fiction I read in November. […]

October Short Fiction Reviews

October Short Fiction

What the fuck. No, seriously: what the fuck. 2016 really keeps outdoing itself. (Or should I say that the racist shitbabies of the world really keep outdoing themselves in their protracted, spoilt, attention-seeking tantrum that fucked the UK out of the EU and has now anointed President-elect Fuckface von Clownstick? Well fucking done, babies. Not only […]

September’s Short Fiction Reviews

September Short Fiction

It’s truly autumn in my little corner of the UK now. The leaves have turned and fallen, the conkers have past, and I’m breaking out my box of scarves. This morning, I was walking through the churchyard behind my flat, crunching through red and gold leaves, when a black cat crossed my path. It was the Hallowe’eniest […]

July and August’s Short Fiction Reviews

July and August Short Fiction Reviews

I’m going to take the more optimistic view of those available to me, and say that as I’m actually publishing this before the second half of September, it’s early for once! (The less optimistic version is that I was actually so late getting my junk together last month that I’ve had to amalgamate July and August into one […]