Linkfest the Second

Linkfest is back again! Let’s celebrate that with – that’s right – some delicious, nutritious outside content.  Where Are All The Fat Girls In Literature? – Huffington Post. Mariko Tamaki on the dearth of fat women and girls in literature, particularly YA literature, and what that lack of representation meant to her growing up. Literature Still […]

This Week in Words becomes Linkfest!

Hello, friends! Since it’s now been six whole months since the last This Week in Words and since that really is rather stretching the title’s credulity, I feel a rebranding coming on. What has previously been known as TWiW shall now become… Linkfest! It’s effectively the same exact thing, except I no longer have to […]

This Week in Words – 21/09-27/09/2013

Hello and welcome once again to the weekly feature in which I round up all the interesting or notable things I’ve read this week and pin them to a board like butterflies for inspection at your convenience. This week, I’ve been reading… Patrick Ness’s top 10 ‘unsuitable’ books for teenagers – The Guardian. Although this […]

This Week in Words – 14/09-20/09/2013

Hello! Welcome to another instalment of This Week in Words, in which I collect all the interesting things I’ve read this week into one delicious article salad. Enjoy! Marvel Developing ‘Agent Carter’ TV Series – Deadline. Remember Peggy Carter, from Captain America? She’s to get her own television series! A precursor to SHIELD, perhaps? Neil […]

This Week In Words 07/09-14/09/2013

Welcome to the second instalment of This Week In Words, in which I corrall a week’s worth of links to interesting, moving or notable articles or features – now with BONUS STUFF (that I forgot to link to last week)! Jo Walton wins Hugo award for reverse Harry Potter tale – The Guardian. David Barnett […]

This Week in Words – 31/08-06/09/2013

Hello! This is going to be the first of what I hope will be a weekly feature in which I link you to all the fun, interesting, relevant or moving stuff I read on the internet in the past week. Despite the title, it doesn’t necessarily have to be particularly wordy to end up here […]