Black Lives Matter


In case it wasn’t already clear, I stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors across the US, here in the UK, and all across the world. This huge movement has already begun to achieve change, with Minneapolis city council voting to dismantle their police department, many organisations cutting ties with the police, and even IBM stepping up to stop developing facial recognition software for use by law enforcement.

To all my other white people: now is the time to listen, learn, and amplify black voices instead of our own. Show some solidarity and step up alongside our BAME comrades, acknowledge the heavy burden of oppression they’ve been bearing, and put ourselves on the line beside them.

What will I be doing? I’ll be continuing to watch myself for subtle racism, and working to dismantle it when I find it in myself. I’ll be speaking up for BLM amongst colleagues and friends. I’ll be continuing to donate to the organisations recommended BLM organisers. I’ll be writing to my MP about justice for Grenfell families, about closing immigration detention centres, about unjust deportations. I’ll be keeping an eye on the UK news for what more I can do.

Educate yourself on BLM, and find out how to help. You can donate to BLM UK too.

Oh, and finally? This Bristol-adjacent blogger believes the protestors who helped Edward Colston into the harbour are public heroes.

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