30 Day Vegan: Day One

Today is World Vegan Day and it marks the very first day of my own very first thirty day vegan challenge!

While I’m already a vegetarian, and I’ve flirted with going vegan in past years, the thirty day challenge idea was brought to my attention by a vegan colleague (whose opinion I take very seriously and who also just gave me some vegan pizza, you know who you are and YOU ROCK).

Since I’ve been operating with low-level ovo-lacto-guilt ever since becoming aware of the industrial-scale animal and environmental abuse perpetrated by the dairy and egg industries—not to mention that I enjoy a challenge when I cook—I thought I’d give it a shot.

Even if I fail (and I expect to), I’ll still have done some good by however briefly not giving my money to The Dairy And Egg Man.

Perhaps over-optimistically, I’ve not anticipated a major change to my diet. Since I already try not to unnecessarily include dairy or egg in my recipes, most of my favourite home-cooked meals are already vegan. I picked up a carton of soy milk and a tub of dairy-free spread at the supermarket yesterday, so that’s my sandwiches and tea (on which I largely subsist) covered.

Where I’m expecting the most challenge is in snacks and quick, lazy meals. (Heaven knows I love a chocolate biscuit and a Pot Noodle.) I’m already planning a marathon baking session, lining up my store cupboard ingredients alongside a handful of vegan bake recipes.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also concerned about the extra cost. When money is already tight, having to replace any number of perfectly good food items for the month is going to hurt a little. I’m planning to somewhat mitigate the extra expense by avoiding specialist vegan items when possible and making meals out of everyday ingredients, like fruit, vegetables, flour, etc.

But here goes nothing. Fingers crossed for a November full of discovering new favourite recipes as well as feeling healthier in mind and conscience!

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