What I Did This Summer (Instead of Writing Blog Posts)

So the whole wet, grey summer and most of the wet, grey autumn have crawled by, and I’ve been slack with my short fiction reviews. Yeah, this disappoints me, but I want to go easy on myself. I always forget how busy the summer months can be, and this year was a stand-out one, with lots to do at my day job, a holiday with my partner’s family, a convention in London, and moving home. Then just as I thought I was going to get back on track, the other shoe dropped, and we’ve had family emergencies coming out of our ears.

My internal jury’s out on whether I’m going to get around to posting my unposted short fiction reviews between June and now. I might refactor that time for reviewing more books. I might start trying to review more whole issues of short fiction magazines. I might actually use the time for, y’know, trying to write more fiction, the hardest and most beloved thing I do. Watch this space, I guess?

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