REVIEW: Sunless Sea, Failbetter Games; Early Access

Top-down view. A steam ship leaves Wolfstack Docks upon a dark sea, a cone of light illuminating the sea ahead of it.

SUNLESS SEA Failbetter Games, Early Access July 2014   Back in September of last year, I made a post here urging everyone to sign up to fund the Kickstarter from little-known London game developers Failbetter Games for a gothic fantasy Roguelike nautical exploration-and-survival game, a spin-off from the popular browser game Fallen London. That game […]

Why I’m backing Sunless Sea – and why you should too, even if you don’t know it yet

If you live on the internet like I do – and, let’s face it, you probably do – and you haven’t heard of Fallen London yet, well, you have a treat in store. Its recent feature on Autostraddle introduced me to what is now my favourite browser game of all time. (Move over, Neopets.) Created […]