This Week in Words – 21/09-27/09/2013

Hello and welcome once again to the weekly feature in which I round up all the interesting or notable things I’ve read this week and pin them to a board like butterflies for inspection at your convenience. This week, I’ve been reading… Patrick Ness’s top 10 ‘unsuitable’ books for teenagers – The Guardian. Although this […]

REVIEWS: Runemarks; Runelight, Joanne Harris

RUNEMARKS, JOANNE HARRIS Doubleday, 2007 At first glance, Runemarks, the first book in what author Joanne Harris has stated she intends to become her Rune series, seems a departure from Harris’ norm. Despite her impressive back catalogue (twelve books before Runemarks’ original publication in 2007) this is her first fantasy novel*. However as I read, […]