REVIEW: Rat Queens, Volume #1, Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch

Rat Queens Volume One lies on grass.

RAT QUEENS VOLUME ONE: SASS AND SORCERY STORY: Kurtis J. Wiebe ARTWORK: Roc Upchurch LETTERS: Ed Brisson EDITOR: Laura Tavishanti Image Shadowline, 2014 Writer Kurtis Wiebe describes Rat Queens as “a comic series that follows four lady legends waist deep into rivers of blood in the endless quest for gold, guts and grog”. Readers will find this a perfectly apt description, […]

REVIEW: The Musketeers season 1, episode 10, ‘Musketeers Don’t Die Easily’

If you’ve ever so much as flicked a glance down my blog, you’ll have noticed that I’ve recently fallen for new BBC series The Musketeers. The costumes, the plotlines, the sexy people constantly touching one another – it was love at first sight. In this, my first television review, I aim with a doleful heart to disentangle the knotty […]

Seven Reasons You Should Watch… The Musketeers

Something you should know about me: there are three things sure to hook me into a new story, whatever medium it comes in. Those are: a period setting, a group cast, and seriously smokingly attractive people. The BBC’s new series Musketeers is batting three for three – or whatever sports analogy you want to insert […]

REVIEWS: Runemarks; Runelight, Joanne Harris

RUNEMARKS, JOANNE HARRIS Doubleday, 2007 At first glance, Runemarks, the first book in what author Joanne Harris has stated she intends to become her Rune series, seems a departure from Harris’ norm. Despite her impressive back catalogue (twelve books before Runemarks’ original publication in 2007) this is her first fantasy novel*. However as I read, […]