Happy Bi Day!

It’s September 23rd, which means just one thing – it’s Bisexual Visibility Day! Or Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Or Bi Pride Day!  Just as in our sex lives, we’ve got a lot of options. It’s a day for bisexuals – and other non-monosexuals, too, if they’re happy to get in on it – to be proud to be who we are. It’s almost over here in the UK for another year, but there’s still a few hours for the rest of you to take joy in your sexuality and the solidarity of your non-monosexual comrades – me, for one.

I’m bisexual, which means I can feel sexual attraction to my gender and to other genders. There’s a few labels out there available for non-monosexuals, but that’s no reason to allow ourselves to be divided. It can be tough when you’re used to having to defend your sexuality to all comers – you all know where I’m coming from – but let’s not take that out on one another, eh? We’re in this together – in sorrow, in anger, and in pride.

I know it’s a whole ‘nother year until the next Bi Pride Day rolls around, and Pride season is over – but let’s keep that spirit going. Let’s stick together. Let’s stay proud.

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