What I Did This Summer (Instead of Writing Blog Posts)

So the whole wet, grey summer and most of the wet, grey autumn have crawled by, and I’ve been slack with my short fiction reviews. Yeah, this disappoints me, but I want to go easy on myself. I always forget how busy the summer months can be, and this year was a stand-out one, with […]

30 Day Vegan: On a Budget

Look: I’m a vegetarian and I like to cook, so I know full well that cutting out eggs and dairy doesn’t mean cutting out quality or flavour in your food. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious about going vegan for a month because of the cost. I’m both cash- and time-poor, so […]

30 Day Vegan: Day One

Today is World Vegan Day and it marks the very first day of my own very first thirty day vegan challenge! While I’m already a vegetarian, and I’ve flirted with going vegan in past years, the thirty day challenge idea was brought to my attention by a vegan colleague (whose opinion I take very seriously and who also […]

Studiando Italiano

I’m learning Italian for Actual Legit Reasons, and it’s somehow turning out to be my favourite way of relaxing. I took it up shortly after the referendum in which the UK (lbr, England and Wales) decided to hack through our moorings to the continent and drift away, flinging human rights legislation into the sea as […]

Driving Solo

I got a car recently. I – miraculously – passed my driving test on the last day of January, on my first go – about which, I hope you understand, I’m not trying to brag. Having passed on my first try only adds to my problem right now. My problem is that I feel hilariously, […]