My Top Ten Most Iconic Moments in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Last week, SFX celebrated its 250th issue with a bumper edition publishing their 250 greatest moments in scifi, fantasy and horror, as voted by readers. Of course, this is the internet, and if there’s something the internet cannot abide, it’s publishing subjective opinion as objective fact, especially when SFX’s subjective opinion is just wrong, dammit. While […]

Why I’m backing Sunless Sea – and why you should too, even if you don’t know it yet

If you live on the internet like I do – and, let’s face it, you probably do – and you haven’t heard of Fallen London yet, well, you have a treat in store. Its recent feature on Autostraddle introduced me to what is now my favourite browser game of all time. (Move over, Neopets.) Created […]

REVIEWS: Runemarks; Runelight, Joanne Harris

RUNEMARKS, JOANNE HARRIS Doubleday, 2007 At first glance, Runemarks, the first book in what author Joanne Harris has stated she intends to become her Rune series, seems a departure from Harris’ norm. Despite her impressive back catalogue (twelve books before Runemarks’ original publication in 2007) this is her first fantasy novel*. However as I read, […]